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Sable & SummerSable & Summer
Sable & Summer

Sable & Summer

Left behind when their owners moved away, Sable and Summer were not only homeless but also pregnant. Shortly after giving birth the two young moms were discovered in a neighbour’s shed and surrendered to NHKR. In foster care it was evident the moms had a special relationship, they were inseparable and affectionate with each other as they shared the responsibilities of raising their kittens. Sable and Summer will be adopted together so they may continue as best friends in their new home.
Sable is estimated to be around three years old, slightly older than Summer and possibly her mother. She is confident and affectionate with strangers, enjoying attention from everyone. She is also the ultimate lap cat, snuggling as long as possible. Although Sable is concerned having her nails trimmed she accepts it because she is a gentle girl.
Sable had an undeveloped eye which was removed, giving her a permanent wink. There are no health issues associated with this surgery.
Summer is a sweet gentle girl who is learning to become confident with people. She purrs happily with people she knows but sudden movements and loud noises startle her. She allows her nails to be trimmed and is accepting being picked up for brief snuggles, tremendous progress from when she arrived as a very scared cat.


DSH - July 19 2016
Shaq is a relaxed, gentle and sensitive boy. He is very much a lap cat and loves to snuggle and receive chin strokes. He enjoys being picked up and purrs happily, especially if he is taken to a window with a new view. He is a confirmed content house cat.
He is a bit skittish (he hides) when visitors arrive. If they stay long enough he will come out to make new friends. He's a low energy cat but he does enjoy bouts of chasing a ball or soft toys.
Shaq has no teeth (extracted for medical reasons) but he easily consumes dry food. He does enjoy canned food with water to keep him regular..he has no tail and has some minor issues from the Manx Syndrome - "Poopy Bum Syndrome " and he has FIV (which is not a concern regarding him spreading it - as he has no teeth and is neutered) but he he should have a quiet and as stress free life as possible. He was noticed as a stray cat in a neighbourhood for almost a year before he was taken in and his issues attended to. He has been a healthy cat in NHKR care.
Shaq has been through a lot and is still a big teddy bear type cat- he deserves a loving protective family


DSH - August 19 2017
This handsome young male spent over a week surviving in the country until he was rescued by NHKR. PJ did not enjoy his time outdoors and is a confirmed house cat, content to view the world from behind windows. It is obvious PJ previously lived indoors as he is comfortable with household noises and always uses his litter box.
When PJ arrived in foster care, he was not accustom to receiving affection from people. He is learning that people can provide more than just food. He now enjoys play time, long strokes and his favourite, neck scratches. The more attention PJ receives the more friendly he becomes. Occasionally at bed time he is ready for more play and affection and doesn't understand it is sleep time. He will paw for attention and if not received he will nibble exposed body parts. Toys tossed on the floor distract him from this activity.
PJ does not have polished feline skills and other cats find him odd and are initially unfriendly but PJ is not aggressive and he is eventually accepted. He is respectful of older cats and plays nicely with younger ones.
Trimming PJ's nails will require an experienced nail trimmer - he indicated he had never had his nails done and was unfamiliar with people handling his feet. Each time it is done he relaxes more.
He will flourish living with experienced cat people that have the time to develop a relationship with him and continue his lap cat lessons. He is a gentle boy willing to learn!


DSH - April 7 2016
Hamlet tried a new home - it was a bit too busy for him to settle in and be comfortable. It maybe better for Hamlet if he is the only cat in his new home. He has younger feline friends in his foster home but he has some aspirations of being top cat. He is a calm good natured boy and easily handled for nails and grooming. Hamlet hesitates coming forward for attention but does not shy away when it is offered. He is gaining more confidence and is happy to follow his people friends around. Hamlet loves sleeping in the sun and viewing out windows but will not go near an open door to outside.


DMH - 2014
Tootsie is looking for a family committed to taking care of her and loving her forever.
Tootsie and her seven kittens were found abandoned at the end of a rural lane way. Her beautiful babies were adopted while Tootsie has remained in foster care to resolve health issues and help her overcome obvious neglect. Tootsie arrived in NHKR care with badly infected nail beds from an untreated autoimmune condition. She has pemphigus foliaceus , the most common feline skin condition. This is under control with regular medication and gentle handling, respect and affection have improved her disposition. Her foster family lovingly call her Grumpy Mommy Cat as they hug her. She is social with strangers and any available warm lap pleases her but she does not pester people and is equally happy to entertain herself. But if possible, she likes to be in proximity to people - the bottom of the bed is fine.
Tootsie has a medium length coat which does not require much attention from people but she enjoys being brushed and looking her absolute best. When you have a special ticked tabby coat you want to show it off! Trimming her nails is easily done, one just has endure grumbling and growling which is her tool for communication. Tootsie would enjoy being an only cat or could be in a home with older cats. She is low energy and enjoys playing on her own. Dogs and too much commotion send her into hiding.


DSH - November 2016
Butler is beautiful young boy around a year old. He is very affectionate and loves chin rubs and pats. Butler is fun loving, gentle and a clean boy. He is really becoming comfortable in his foster home. So far he will not come to cuddle but when you get his attention he will stay for chin rubs and pats indefinitely. He loves to play independently with his toys for extended periods of time. He is hesitant with new animals and situations but does not show dominant behavior. He tries to engage my older cats and is becoming more comfortable around my senior very quiet golden retriever.
Although he has not been here long he is becoming more comfortable and is becoming a confident young boy. Butler will fit well into a family that will allow him the time to become comfortable in his new surroundings.


DSH - August 2010
With great patience & understanding, James is learning to trust & adore attention once again. (Some actions indicate an abusive background). He is a big, beautiful boy that begs for constant attention, following his human friends all over the house to make conversation. James is very social, greeting guests and welcoming new people most times. When he is in the right state of mind, he loves his plush fur coat brushed or stroked. Even though he prefers his feet firmly on the ground, he will periodically surprise you when he decides to become a lap cat to get up close for some gentle snuggles. He can be enticed to play with a string or catnip toy but his favorite pastime is merely lounging around in a sunny spot, near the fireplace or a window seat. He is very good with using his litter box and scratching at the designated area of a scratching post. Trimming nails is not his favorite grooming ritual. His disposition is still a work in progress, therefore this husky boy should be adopted by experienced cat owners familiar with cat language. Watching his progress will be very rewarding for him and his new furr parents.
* For information on adopting James please contact us at


DSH - 2016
Lufkin has been with NHKR for almost a year. She was caught as an older kitten, which unfortunately gave her mother time to teach Lufkin outdoors survival skills- run from people. Patience and kindness from her foster family have convinced Lufkin that people are her friends and life is much better as an indoor cat. Lufkin is a happy gentle cat, she loves attention , chin scratches, long stokes and to cuddle up in a lap. She still retains some of her mother's teaching and if Lufkin is approached her first instinct is to run but now she does a U turn and comes back for attention.
If she is not noticed, Lufkin will stand on her back legs and tap people to say "I'm here, pet me " When people are stationary she will approach anyone for attention. Better still , if they are sitting down she comes immediately. If Lufkin is handled gently there is no issue trimming her nails, she is clean with her litter box and she enjoys having her thick soft coat brushed.
Lufkin would enjoy having a playmate, she is social and passive with other cats , a lonely cat would enjoy her gentle playing, perhaps even a friendly dog. Lufkin's new family must be careful not to chase her, let her decide when to come and soon they will be best friends.


DSH - 2013
This lovely lady came into our program a very pregnant and injured outdoor cat. Because of her traumatic experiences, she is shy, timid and introverted until she has become comfortable in her surroundings. She definitely is not interested in being outside anymore. But old habits are hard to break because sudden movements and noises will send her into hiding. Nonetheless, Bobbi absolutely craves attention!! She cannot help herself and will be brave enough to seek her human friends for attention. Because of her outdoor past, she is not fond of being picked up and held. However her favorite place will be a wonderful warm lap with an adoring human friend that will pet, brush and stroke her furry head or brush her from head to toes for hours. Bobbi is a very passive cat with other furry friends. She will happily play by herself with a soft knit ball, fuzzy mouse or plastic toy spring. She is good with using the litter box and nail trims. Her perfect new home would be a quite calm environment with very patient people that will allow her time to become adjusted. If you are looking for the ultimate lapcat, Bobbi will happily be your furrever furr-baby.
* For information on adopting Bobbi please contact us at

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