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DSH - June 20 2018
Melody was discovered at a camping area with two young offspring. Unfortunately she was already pregnant again and her daughter was also pregnant. Melody raised her last litter of kittens and is now looking for a new home.

She is a passive gentle cat, who enjoys the company of friendly cats and people. Melody initially needs encouragement to come forward for attention but once she is confident then she enjoys being brushed and cuddled. Melody rolls around and acts silly when she gets tummy rubs and chin scratches, it's as though she wants all the attention she was missing as a stray cat. She was uncertain about being picked up but she is learning this is good especially when she is held to look out a window while receiving neck rubs. Melody is learning to have her nails trimmed, she squirms but never scratches to get away, a nail can be done between chin scratches.

Although found out doors, Melody is clean with her food area, tidy with her litter box, she does not try to eat people food and she does not want to go back outdoors. For now Melody sleeps hidden away , this will change as she gains confidence. At night she will snuggle on the bed and fall asleep beside her people , too much movements and she leaves to sleep elsewhere. She plays nicely with her toys but prefers the company of another feline rather than being on her own. If someone is looking to adopt two cats she is fostered with her son Hermes. She would also be good company for an older cat.

Melody would thrive in a quieter home with understanding people. As she gains confidence she will blossom!


DLH - September 26 2019
Fortunately Hermes loves to be brushed , because his coat is long and silky which needs to be brushed daily. When he sees the brush he comes running. He is not a lap cat (yet), but when being brushed he is getting close to being one! He makes tiny squeaking sounds when he greets people or wants attention. Hermes enjoys time with people but is also easily entertains himself playing with toys. He is a lower energy cat, even playing with other cats. Hermes is a passive boy, he likes other cats but does not pester them.

Hermes was born outside and recently came into the rescue to be a house cat. He is content indoors, clean and tidy with his food and litter box. He does not jump on counters or try to eat people food. Hermes is content with his dry food and does not overeat. He does not protest much for nail trimming, this can be incorporated with brushing successfully. He is learning to be comfortable with the sounds and activities in a house. A quieter home would suit him, with or without other cats. He will hide for his naps but come out for brushing and attention. He has gained considerable confidence since he came into foster care and continues to improve weekly.

His mother is Melody also available for adoption.


DSH - May 8 2019
Maggie was adopted and returned as she was too large and lively for a senior couple - she is a long tall cat.

Maggie would be most happy as an only cat. She is bossy with other cats but is content to play nicely with her toys by herself. She has spent time with a dog with no problems. The dog was more a curiosity to her more than a playmate. Maggie enjoys engaging people in play time. She carries her favourite plastic spring toy and brings it back to you when you throw it for her to catch. She looks for people & then jumps up beside them and asks for tummy rubs. Maggie will sit on your lap for a short time. For now she prefers to sit and cuddle beside you. When she has had enough she slinks down head first to the floor or she may nip you if you don't notice she's had enough. Just watch her tail. You can pick Maggie up anytime for cuddles as she does not scratch . She does not hide for her nap time, but instead prefers to be in the open where people are.

Maggie is clean with her food and litter box. She does have a habit of jumping on the counter looking for anything to eat (she was a stray kitten accustomed to eating whatever food she could find). Maggie is a clever girl and she can learn manner in her new home. She does not climb on the kitchen table. Maggie also knows her name and comes when called. She will be shy with strangers and would need time to settle into in a new home. Maggie would like a quieter home with experienced cat people willing to work on any unacceptable bad habits and knowledgeable on trimming nails for difficult cats.
Bear & AngelBear & Angel
Bear & Angel

Bear & Angel

Bear - DMH - Sept 6 2019
Angel - DSH - Nov 2 2019

Note: Bear & Angel are a pair and will be adopted together.

Bear is black and brown with medium fluffy hair. He is a confident cat and acts more of a leader and an adventurer kitty. He is brave at trying things out. He is clever and confident but on the lower energy side. He gets spurts of energy and can be rather calm just staring out the window for hours. Bear isn't a lap cat yet, but he is definitely willing to learn, now he will snuggle beside you for affection. He keeps a tidy food area but can be a bit messy with his litter, a high side box will be beneficial. He is learning to have his nails trimmed and is getting better each time. Bear makes use of his scratching post and loves to climb up high where he likes to be. He is fine with being picked up but that's usually after he has played first. He welcomes kisses! Bear plays great with other cats and his toys. He is not shy around strangers and is actually curious of them. He's great with small children. He's got a phenomenal personality!

Angel has a short sleek coat. She is passive and a bit shy at first but gets comfortable rather quickly. She is more of a follower than a leader, content to let Bear do the leading. Angel is very easy going with a quiet meow. She gets bouts of energy and then enjoys her calm, relaxing time. She is tidy with her food and litter area. She is easily managed for nail trimming and grooming. Angel is quick to learn not to jump on counters and is excellent for using her scratching post . She loves being picked up and kissed. She plays nicely with her toys, her brother and other cats . She is also great with small children. She is always open for cuddles and follows her human companions around for attention. She is fine with strangers but at times cautious of new surroundings. She is a wonderful young girl.
Etch & SketchEtch & Sketch
Etch & Sketch

Etch & Sketch

Etch - DSH - Oct 16 2017
Sketch - DSH - Oct 16 2017

Note: Etch & Sketch are a pair and will be adopted together.

Etch & Sketch came into NHKR care when their owner was evicted and could not take his multiple cats with him. The demolition company opened windows and doors to let the cats escape and then bulldoze the house. NHKR was notified and when the girls returned late at night, they had to be trapped to bring them into care. Both cats were traumatized by the displacement and separation from their kittens which were removed from the house prior to demolition. Sketch also required a full dental extraction and Etch had soft tissue trauma to her back leg. NHKR fosters have patiently worked with the cats and now it is time for them to have a new family in a quiet home. Their new family needs to be understanding experienced cat people.

The girls need each other for confidence and comfort - they sleep together and groom each other. They are gentle and affectionate with people they know. They will come for attention and enjoy long strokes and scratches. They are not lap cats, Sketch loves cuddle time beside her people on the sofa. Etch allows her people to pick her up, Sketch is learning this. Both girls are tidy with their food and litter box and use their sisal and cardboard cat scratchers. Etch is more manageable for nail trims, Sketch wiggles and flees in protest but an experienced cat person will be able to trim them. They do not sleep on the bed at night but may stop in for a quick visit. Etch loves spring coils to bat around. She picks them up in her mouth and trots around making all sorts of strange noises. Sketch prefers small rubber balls or soft toys. Etch loves food and gobbles if given too much canned food (as a treat) but Sketch is not interested - both are not interested in people food but will explore countertops. The girls will be playful and full of character once settled into a new home but it will take time.
Hammond & ClarksonHammond & Clarkson
Hammond & Clarkson

Hammond & Clarkson

Hammond (black & white) - DSH - May 8 2019
Clarkson (brown tabby) - DSH - May 8 2019

Note: Hammond & Clarkson are a pair and will be adopted together.

The boys came into foster care last fall when their family went back to the city and left them, other siblings and their mother behind at a trailer park in Terra Cotta. The boys were 6 months old and somewhat tame but not accustom to being in a home. The boys are happy goofy oversized kittens, hence they are confirmed house cats - it is fun indoors. They are still skittish , Hammond is the more forward but they both enjoy attention and they will overcome their hesitation if they know head scratches and chin rubs are to be had. The boys have no boundaries with each other and often sleep piled up or intertwined. Other felines are appalled at their social skills but the boys are so passive they are forgiven. They are very tall, long lean cats and need space to romp - they love to jump on their cat climbers.

They will come for attention, roll and be silly until they fall off the couch, get up to do it again. Both boys are learning to be held, they do not scratch to get down, just wiggle and come right back for more - they love attention from people. They have no idea what nail trimming is , so a few scratches , a nail trimmed, until they are all done , trying to restain them scares them. Hammond is the leader and slightly more dignified than Clarkson who makes kitten sounds when he wants attention and twists himself into a pretzel until he receives pets. Because the family was raised in a campground , they know what people food is, especially anything in a crinkling bag, they will try to eat anything but are easily shooed away. They came with upset tummies and loose stools from eating junk, the transition to a new home may cause some loose stools but this will clear up if their current food is not changed for a few months. A bag of food is supplied at adoption. They are litter box excavators so a deep large box is necessary..they cover for each other.

Their new family needs to be patient and spend time with the boys until the Hammond and Clarkson feel secure then the fun will begin.


DSH - 2012
Manny was originally a stray then he became a store cat. The constant attention was not for him and he developed some health issues. He is looking for a new quiet home and people to love.
Although Manny’s (Manuel's) origin is unclear, what is crystal clear is that he loves love. Once he has warmed up to you, you have a best friend for life. He does best in an environment free of loud noise, children, dogs or other cats. He can learn to love another cat if their personality is right, but he will still need time to himself or with his people. Manny will absolutely curl up on your lap or nuzzle your hair, and he will, if engaged, have an entire conversation with you. A good, feathered wand is a favorite pastime of his. He can get over-stimulated at times, but once you get to know (and love) his quirks, the special care he requires will be well worth the very special kind of love he gives in return.
Manny has had digestive and urinary health issues in the past, and as such will need to be on a high-quality, vet-recommended food permanently. Despite this, at approximately 7 years old, Manny is extremely young at heart. For more information or to arrange meeting Manny please email


DMH - 2014
Tootsie is looking for a family committed to taking care of her and loving her forever.
Tootsie and her seven kittens were found abandoned at the end of a rural lane way. Her beautiful babies were adopted while Tootsie has remained in foster care to resolve health issues and help her overcome obvious neglect. Tootsie arrived in NHKR care with badly infected nail beds from an untreated autoimmune condition. She has pemphigus foliaceus , the most common feline skin condition. This is under control with regular medication and gentle handling, respect and affection have improved her disposition. Her foster family lovingly call her Grumpy Mommy Cat as they hug her. She is social with strangers and any available warm lap pleases her but she does not pester people and is equally happy to entertain herself. But if possible, she likes to be in proximity to people - the bottom of the bed is fine.
Tootsie has a medium length coat which does not require much attention from people but she enjoys being brushed and looking her absolute best. When you have a special ticked tabby coat you want to show it off! Trimming her nails is easily done, one just has endure grumbling and growling which is her tool for communication. Tootsie would enjoy being an only cat or could be in a home with older cats. She is low energy and enjoys playing on her own. Dogs and too much commotion send her into hiding.

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