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DSH - DOB May 10 2011

Marigold is a sweet adult cat who loves to be petted (but not on her belly or end of her tail) and purrs loudly to let her people know she would like attention. She is a lap cat who wants to sit on or beside someone whenever it's tv or computer time. She loves sleeping on the bed with her people, but because she is a bit chunky, she needs a stool or step to be able to jump up independently. She will tolerate being picked up, but doesn’t like to be carried around. Marigold is low energy and while she will play with cat toys briefly, she is really more interested in cuddling and napping in a sunny spot. She also loves finding containers and baskets to sit in! She is friendly when meeting new people, but is more affectionate with her trusted family members. Marigold does not care for other cats. She has met a puppy and was both intrigued and overwhelmed, so it’s likely that she could adapt to a family with a quieter, cat-friendly dog. She is tidy with her food and litter, uses a scratching post, and has no issues with nail trims. Marigold likes to be brushed for short periods of time.

Marigold is a bigger girl and is currently on store bought diet dry and wet food to support her weight loss ($25 for a three month supply); she is having success on this program. She does have some slight arthritis in her hips and takes Metacam daily for pain at a cost of $23 for a two month supply. Her dental work is up to date. Marigold is a lovely girl who is looking forward to meeting her forever family. She will thrive in a home with cat experienced adults and older children who have the patience to support her with her weight loss.

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DSH - DOB March 29 2021

Noella is a good natured and playful young cat. She is curious and loves to study the local wildlife from her spot on a sunny windowsill or through the glass patio door. She is high energy when playing with cat toys; she likes to “kill” her toy prey with her back feet, but she is gentle with people when playing. When not playing she is a calm cat who likes to be petted and brushed. Noella doesn’t mind being picked up and although she isn’t yet a lap cat, she does like to snuggle with her people on the bed at night. Noella is tidy with her litter, is not interested in human food, and uses her scratching post. She is a confident cat who is not at all bothered by loud noises or sudden movements, such as the vacuum. Noella would prefer to be the only cat in her forever home, but she is comfortable with cat-friendly dogs. She is looking for a young forever family with time and energy for both play and snuggles.

Recent vet checks have indicated that Noella has an abnormal heart rhythm. Radiographs show a mildly enlarged heart and blood work shows changed muscle tissue in the heart. She likely has heart disease but at this time does not require medication. Cats with heart disease can go into heart failure if the disease is significant or progressive , but alternately they can live normally for years. If Noella’s new family is interested in in-depth details regarding this health issue, an echocardiogram done by a vet cardiologist may provide more information.

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DSH - DOB April 20 2014

Jade is one of our recent NHKR success stories. She came into care with anxiety and a reluctance to trust people. Jade's transformation is thanks to the time, patience and loving expertise of her foster mother. She is a low energy adult cat who is very calm when she is with trusted people. She is learning to play with cat toys when someone takes the time to play with her but mostly enjoys spending her days napping or observing all that goes on around her. Jade is very independent and would do well as an only cat in a quiet adult-only household; she has no interest in other cats or dogs. She benefits from structured routines and is learning to be a lap cat; she will snuggle for short periods of time and on her terms. She enjoys being picked up and loves to give her trusted humans lots of cat kisses and show her affection by rubbing against them. We believe Jade has suffered abuse at the hands of people in her past, and yet she has learned in her foster home that people can be trusted and she no longer acts out as a coping mechanism. It's very important to Jade to have her boundaries respected and when she feels stressed and not listened to she will gently nip or swat a hand away. Jade can still get overstimulated easily and needs a forever family with cat experience who can read her social and body cues. She is unsure of and can give mixed signals with visitors to the house; this is again part of her anxiety and experience with people in the past. She will ultimately be best suited to a quiet, adult household with predictable routines. Jade uses her scratching post and is tidy with her litter. She takes a daily medication for her anxiety (the cost is $35/month) and this will most likely need to continue until she is settled in her new home, but she happily takes her pills with a pill pocket. Jade is one of those cats who truly deserves to be happy and loved. Given the time to settle in and learn to trust her new family, she will reward her people with loyalty and loving companionship.

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DMH - 2014
Tootsie is looking for a family committed to taking care of her and loving her forever.
Tootsie and her seven kittens were found abandoned at the end of a rural lane way. Her beautiful babies were adopted while Tootsie has remained in foster care to resolve health issues and help her overcome obvious neglect. Tootsie arrived in NHKR care with badly infected nail beds from an untreated autoimmune condition. She has pemphigus foliaceus , the most common feline skin condition. This is under control with regular medication and gentle handling, respect and affection have improved her disposition. Her foster family lovingly call her Grumpy Mommy Cat as they hug her. She is social with strangers and any available warm lap pleases her but she does not pester people and is equally happy to entertain herself. But if possible, she likes to be in proximity to people - the bottom of the bed is fine.
Tootsie has a medium length coat which does not require much attention from people but she enjoys being brushed and looking her absolute best. When you have a special ticked tabby coat you want to show it off! Trimming her nails is easily done, one just has endure grumbling and growling which is her tool for communication. Tootsie would enjoy being an only cat or could be in a home with older cats. She is low energy and enjoys playing on her own. Dogs and too much commotion send her into hiding.
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