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DMH - DOB June 2 2022

River is an absolute delight. He loves to give two-paw hugs and snuggle up under the chin of any of his people. Lap snuggles are also high on his list of things to do in a day. He has become confident and more independent as he has learned to trust people and understand that he doesn't have to have his eyes on people all the time to know that they won't leave him. He enjoys watching squirrels and birds from the window, as well as chasing strings on a wand or playing with one of his toys. He likes to nap on his cat tower, or in his cat bed on one of his foster family members desks, or on a chair or couch nearby. He is a great work from home or study companion! River must be an only cat in his new family.

He is adjusting well to living inside again and is becoming accustomed to the daily noises of life in his foster home. He is generally happy to meet new people and often accepts them quickly.

River usually loves to be picked up for snuggles or pats and will signal when he's had enough by wiggling or jumping down. He may swat (no claws), or bite if he is ignored. While this doesn't hurt (since he has no teeth), if you ignore his 'bites' it may ultimately escalate to him using his claws. He talks to his people to tell them when he wants food, snuggles or playtime.

River has no teeth and is missing one third of his tongue, so he has particular needs when it comes to eating. It is suspected that he has food allergies so he eats a limited ingredient dry kibble purchased at a pet food store and wet food for cats with food sensitivities from the vet. This dry food's shape and size also enables him to consume his food easier. He needs a small high sided round bowl to help him scoop his dry food up into his mouth, and once he's done his best, the remaining crunchies are mixed with about a tablespoon of wet food mounded in the bowl. He has the most success at eating the last few pieces of dry food when it is arranged in small piles of 2-4 crunchies (mixed with wet food ) for him in his bowl.


DMH - DOB September 2 2022

Sweet Furby is a gentle soul. He is passive and still quite shy, although he is affectionate once he gets to know the people around him. Furby has come a long way in foster care, in part because of the positive influence of his foster sister, Cupcake. For this reason, a forever home that included her would be ideal for him. Her outgoing but gentle nature has encouraged Furby to explore his surroundings, trust human hands and enjoy the indoor life. He still loves to play with Cupcake, chasing her and the toys around the room. He does need a feline mentor in his new family, for companionship and to continue to encourage his confidence. Furby is a quiet young cat, and would prefer a quieter home. He is a sweet-natured boy looking for calm companionship.

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