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DSH - 29 August 2018
Tinkerbell is a shy girl, not confident but very affectionate. She plays well on her own - finding tiny household objects to toss and chase. When she tires of this, Tinkerbell looks for a warm lap to cuddle up in. She soaks up attention and asks for more as she purrs contently. Other cats and dogs interest her but she would rather be with her people for snuggles. Tinkerbell came into the rescue when she was found by herself , thin and suffering from upper respiratory infections. Her foster mom spent many hours treating her illness and socializing her. Tinkerbell would like a quiet household with experienced patient people that are willing to wait for her to show how appreciative she is to have a a new home.


DMH - July 1 2018
Cassia is mistaken for a kitten although she is eight months old. Her medium fluffy coat makes her look like the sweetest little fluffy, which she is, but she is also headstrong and a mischief.
She entertains herself by dramatically attacking her toys , stealing tiny items to run off with or persuading anyone available to play with her. Cassia is curious about everything and she is not content to observe, she has to jump right in. She enjoys crawling into and exploring tiny spaces, then goes to sleep - some of her naps have been inside closed drawers.
Cassia is sure that whatever someone is eating they will share it with her, no one is too busy to pick her up and any tasks her people undertake require her assistance. Trying to dissuade her results in an in-depth conversation which she finishes by either refusing to move or exiting with her fluffy tail waving "good bye" with maybe a glance over her shoulder.
She likes to protest nail trimming so it is easiest to wait until she is tired. This is also true for grooming her fluffy tail. But she never protests tummy rubs or neck scratches.
Cassie is tolerant of other cats until they invade her space, then she attempts to be fierce and growls until they retreat in confusion. There is room for only one cat on the warm lap she has claimed.
This little cutie is often underfoot and leaps unexpectedly, her new family need to be agile and prepared to spend considerable time with her.


DLH - 2013
She is an absolute sweetheart, she may be a little timid at first but once she warms up to you she is the biggest love bug! She would do well in a quieter home with other cats or by herself, she is sometimes startled by loud noises but is getting much better. If you enjoy relaxing to read or watch tv she is the perfect cat for you. Her favorite spot to sit, is right on your lap! She is happy snuggling right next to you as well and loves to be stroked and if you stop petting her she will paw at you to remind you she loves attention! Emmy sometimes likes to talk but purrs all the time! She likes being groomed, which is a MUST with a long hair cat.
Emmy came into NHKR will dental issues resulting in a full extraction, she is fine with eating both dry and canned food. When she is relaxing she has no issues with her nails being trimmed. Emmy is still active and enjoys her climbing tree and chasing balls. She is social with other cats and is friendly with dogs.


DLH - 2013
Digby isn't looking his best. He was taken into NHKR with golfball size hair mats which required shaving, except for his face. When his coat grows out he will have luxurious long hair that will require regular grooming. Digby is estimated to be six years old, a mature and dignified cat - no climbing curtains for him. Although he was found outside he prefers the comforts of indoors.
He is an affectionate cat when he feels so - head butting and body positioning convey his message. And he can be coaxed into receiving attention with cheek rubs or scratches behind his ears. Digby enjoys being held to see birds outside but squirms to be let down if held too long.
His nails are easily trimmed when combined with scratches and long stokes down his back. He is not a picky eater and is tidy with his food area and litter box.
Digby had health issues when he arrived. His gums were inflamed and very sore, requiring a full dental extraction which has not hampered his eating whatsoever . He also had a stubborn upper respiratory infection. Healthy food, medication and reduced stress have assisted his recovery.
He must have encountered dogs somewhere in his life as he has no concerns about meeting them. Digby is relaxed and social with other cats of all ages- he dismisses confrontations by walking away. He is a social cat and would enjoy other pets in his new home.


DSH - July 19 2016
Shaq is a relaxed, gentle and sensitive boy. He is very much a lap cat and loves to snuggle and receive chin strokes. He enjoys being picked up and purrs happily, especially if he is taken to a window with a new view. He is a confirmed content house cat.
He is a bit skittish (he hides) when visitors arrive. If they stay long enough he will come out to make new friends. He's a low energy cat but he does enjoy bouts of chasing a ball or soft toys.
Shaq has no teeth (extracted for medical reasons) but he easily consumes dry food. He does enjoy canned food with water to keep him regular..he has no tail and has some minor issues from the Manx Syndrome - "Poopy Bum Syndrome " and he has FIV (which is not a concern regarding him spreading it - as he has no teeth and is neutered) but he he should have a quiet and as stress free life as possible. He was noticed as a stray cat in a neighbourhood for almost a year before he was taken in and his issues attended to. He has been a healthy cat in NHKR care.
Shaq has been through a lot and is still a big teddy bear type cat- he deserves a loving protective family


DMH - 2014
Tootsie is looking for a family committed to taking care of her and loving her forever.
Tootsie and her seven kittens were found abandoned at the end of a rural lane way. Her beautiful babies were adopted while Tootsie has remained in foster care to resolve health issues and help her overcome obvious neglect. Tootsie arrived in NHKR care with badly infected nail beds from an untreated autoimmune condition. She has pemphigus foliaceus , the most common feline skin condition. This is under control with regular medication and gentle handling, respect and affection have improved her disposition. Her foster family lovingly call her Grumpy Mommy Cat as they hug her. She is social with strangers and any available warm lap pleases her but she does not pester people and is equally happy to entertain herself. But if possible, she likes to be in proximity to people - the bottom of the bed is fine.
Tootsie has a medium length coat which does not require much attention from people but she enjoys being brushed and looking her absolute best. When you have a special ticked tabby coat you want to show it off! Trimming her nails is easily done, one just has endure grumbling and growling which is her tool for communication. Tootsie would enjoy being an only cat or could be in a home with older cats. She is low energy and enjoys playing on her own. Dogs and too much commotion send her into hiding.


DSH - August 2010
With great patience & understanding, James is learning to trust & adore attention once again. (Some actions indicate an abusive background). He is a big, beautiful boy that begs for constant attention, following his human friends all over the house to make conversation. James is very social, greeting guests and welcoming new people most times. When he is in the right state of mind, he loves his plush fur coat brushed or stroked. Even though he prefers his feet firmly on the ground, he will periodically surprise you when he decides to become a lap cat to get up close for some gentle snuggles. He can be enticed to play with a string or catnip toy but his favorite pastime is merely lounging around in a sunny spot, near the fireplace or a window seat. He is very good with using his litter box and scratching at the designated area of a scratching post. Trimming nails is not his favorite grooming ritual. His disposition is still a work in progress, therefore this husky boy should be adopted by experienced cat owners familiar with cat language. Watching his progress will be very rewarding for him and his new furr parents.
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DSH - 2013
This lovely lady came into our program a very pregnant and injured outdoor cat. Because of her traumatic experiences, she is shy, timid and introverted until she has become comfortable in her surroundings. She definitely is not interested in being outside anymore. But old habits are hard to break because sudden movements and noises will send her into hiding. Nonetheless, Bobbi absolutely craves attention!! She cannot help herself and will be brave enough to seek her human friends for attention. Because of her outdoor past, she is not fond of being picked up and held. However her favorite place will be a wonderful warm lap with an adoring human friend that will pet, brush and stroke her furry head or brush her from head to toes for hours. Bobbi is a very passive cat with other furry friends. She will happily play by herself with a soft knit ball, fuzzy mouse or plastic toy spring. She is good with using the litter box and nail trims. Her perfect new home would be a quite calm environment with very patient people that will allow her time to become adjusted. If you are looking for the ultimate lapcat, Bobbi will happily be your furrever furr-baby.
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