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DSH - DOB 2015

This sweet lady with freckles on her nose is a wonderful companion. She was a very doting and patient mommy to her busy 6 kittens. She has a calm disposition, but enjoys playing with her springs and soft plush toys most mornings and evenings before bed. Her good nature means that she looks for human attention and loves a good pet/scratch but is also content on her own independently. Although not a lap cat, she loves to settle in close to her humans or sleep at the end of a bed. She is well behaved and easily trained. She responds quickly to her name and adjusts her behavior, if told not to do something. She uses a cardboard cat scratcher regularly and keeps off of counters and tables, tending to wait for encouragement before jumping on furniture. She is very patient while getting a 'pawdicure' and clean with her litter box. Due to a missing tooth, she can be a bit messy with food, but this is addressed by simply placing her food dish on a tray. Dottie allows people to pick her up, although she prefers to have four paws on the ground, and is patient and loving with children. Looking for some light conversation? Dottie will oblige. Dottie had an opportunity to meet a friendly dog and was not aggressive or overly fearful. As such, we believe Dottie would fit in well in a house with other cats or dogs.
Etch & SketchEtch & Sketch
Etch & Sketch

Etch & Sketch

Etch - DSH - Oct 16 2017
Sketch - DSH - Oct 16 2017

Note: Etch & Sketch are a pair and will be adopted together.

Etch & Sketch came into NHKR care when their owner was evicted and could not take his multiple cats with him. The demolition company opened windows and doors to let the cats escape and then bulldoze the house. NHKR was notified and when the girls returned late at night, they had to be trapped to bring them into care. Both cats were traumatized by the displacement and separation from their kittens which were removed from the house prior to demolition. Sketch also required a full dental extraction and Etch had soft tissue trauma to her back leg. NHKR fosters have patiently worked with the cats and now it is time for them to have a new family in a quiet home. Their new family needs to be understanding experienced cat people.

The girls need each other for confidence and comfort - they sleep together and groom each other. They are gentle and affectionate with people they know. They will come for attention and enjoy long strokes and scratches. They are not lap cats, Sketch loves cuddle time beside her people on the sofa. Etch allows her people to pick her up, Sketch is learning this. Both girls are tidy with their food and litter box and use their sisal and cardboard cat scratchers. Etch is more manageable for nail trims, Sketch wiggles and flees in protest but an experienced cat person will be able to trim them. They do not sleep on the bed at night but may stop in for a quick visit. Etch loves spring coils to bat around. She picks them up in her mouth and trots around making all sorts of strange noises. Sketch prefers small rubber balls or soft toys. Etch loves food and gobbles if given too much canned food (as a treat) but Sketch is not interested - both are not interested in people food but will explore countertops. The girls will be playful and full of character once settled into a new home but it will take time.


DMH - 2014
Tootsie is looking for a family committed to taking care of her and loving her forever.
Tootsie and her seven kittens were found abandoned at the end of a rural lane way. Her beautiful babies were adopted while Tootsie has remained in foster care to resolve health issues and help her overcome obvious neglect. Tootsie arrived in NHKR care with badly infected nail beds from an untreated autoimmune condition. She has pemphigus foliaceus , the most common feline skin condition. This is under control with regular medication and gentle handling, respect and affection have improved her disposition. Her foster family lovingly call her Grumpy Mommy Cat as they hug her. She is social with strangers and any available warm lap pleases her but she does not pester people and is equally happy to entertain herself. But if possible, she likes to be in proximity to people - the bottom of the bed is fine.
Tootsie has a medium length coat which does not require much attention from people but she enjoys being brushed and looking her absolute best. When you have a special ticked tabby coat you want to show it off! Trimming her nails is easily done, one just has endure grumbling and growling which is her tool for communication. Tootsie would enjoy being an only cat or could be in a home with older cats. She is low energy and enjoys playing on her own. Dogs and too much commotion send her into hiding.

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