North Halton Kitten Rescue


Hi Roberta - We just wanted to thank you for everything on Saturday and the adoption of Winston. He is not the quiet little bird he was in the cage, he has completely come out of his shell and is amazing!!! We are thrilled and he asked me to send this letter to Barb to thank her. If you would kindly forward it to her, we would really appreciate it.
Merry Christmas to your and your family and thank you for your kindness and time.
Loki, Mookie, Bubbles

Paw Paw Paw Paw Paw

Dear Mom Barb:

My “sandbagging” plan worked.  Thanks for coaching me so well; I couldn’t have done it without you.

I was so quiet during adoptions cause I really wanted the right family to adopt me.   I really wanted a new mom and dad that would let me do whatever I want and the ideal family was one with a brother and sister.  Well like you always told me “patience is a virtue”.  Within a few hours of leaving you, I met my new brother Clyde (I think his hissing is a sign of love).  Don’t worry, I know I will win him over.  Sister Daisy is kind of keeping to herself but she did let me play in her favorite place so I think that is a good sign.  I know that we will all be playing together soon but in the meantime there are so many toys here I think Santa has already been down the chimney!

I have my new mom and dad wrapped around my paw but we knew that would happen.  I have been running and jumping and having a blast.  I slept with my new mom through the whole night – I crept up and snuggled under her chin and it was so warm.  My new dad is very gentle and I think I will try under his chin tonight.

I just wanted to thank you Mom Barb for taking care of me while the right family found me.  You done good!!

Paw Paw Paw Paw Paw

PS.  They keep calling me Wall-E – something about a Scrap Yard?  I don’t have the heart to correct them so I will just go with it.  Please thank the man who was holding me on Saturday when my new parents showed up – he was always so nice to me.

Please give my love to everyone and thank you for finding me the perfect home before Christmas. 

I love you Mom Barb.